I design and build intuitive, maintainable websites for individuals and small businesses.

Think of your website as an organic, growing structure. It’s primary function is to help people understand what you do, how it can benefit them, and guide them to take action. Just like physical spaces, digital spaces become cluttered, lose focus, and need maintenance to support their long term (and often changing) purpose.

With a background in fine art, 25+ years in web development, and a knack for organizational details, I can guide our project together and provide team training to help you make the most of your WordPress* powered website.

In all of my work, an inclusive design approach and adherence to accessibility guidance and best practices are baked in. This also translates to better search performance and helps ensure that your website is built to endure changes in the digital landscape of the future.

* WordPress may not be right for all projects and does require regular, ongoing maintenance. If you have a smaller project in mind, or don’t need dynamic features, I can recommend another application or a static HTML site.

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From new website design and development to support for existing WordPress websites, I’m always open to your inquiries.

This website is a work in progress. I’m learning block theme development and building out a new custom theme for this site as time allows.