About the Studio

Originally called “Eat Paint Studio,” Emily Rapport took her design skills and fine art background to the web in 1998.

[c. 1998, Chicago] I had taken a semester of XHTML and Dynamic HTML classes at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to create a website to display my artwork. I was soon building websites for friends – artists, designers, and musicians – and volunteering my skills to promote local arts organizations. Art is all about patterns and connections; building websites is, for me, a natural extension of those skills.

The web is for everyone.

I’m a strong believer in the open web and the democratizing power inherent in this global publishing tool. The challenge of building informative, human, and accessible content in an increasingly complex and nuanced landscape keeps things interesting.

20 years later…

In 2018, Emily opened a public arts studio / gallery called “Eat Paint Studio” and decided to rebrand her web business – “Always Open Design” was established as a DBA of SuperVoid LLC in February of 2021.

Eat Paint Studio is now Always Open Design.

Emily Rapport, Design/Developer

As an artist and arts advocate, Emily has honed her marketing and writing skills earning grants for local nonprofit arts organizations and promoting events for her clients. In 2011, Emily was awarded the Ravenswood Arts Advocate Award for her work as a volunteer/arts advocate.

A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Emily has exhibited her artworks in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Germany and Amsterdam. In 2018, Emily opened Eat Paint Studio + Gallery, a storefront gallery and studio space in Lincoln Square, Chicago.

Fluent in HTML, CSS, and WordPress Theme Development (since 2010), Emily loves a detailed content inventory spreadsheet.