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  • Most “redesign” requests will be site rebuilds. Before we take on any project we will carefully review your existing website, hosting platform, and talk with you and your team to understand existing challenges.
  • A typical website build requires a minimum of 6 months. This can vary, but I don’t have the capacity to turn-around projects in a few weeks. If you want FAST, remember you can not also have CHEAP and GOOD.
  • Your participation in the project is crucial to its success! Make sure to allow time for yourself to review, approve, and generally get involved in all things content.
  • Website pricing is all over the map so I know it’s hard to provide an estimated budget. A rough estimate of what you are comfortable spending will greatly inform the scope of what is possible for you.

Now, the exciting part! Please request a quote for your website project. The more details you can provide the more precise our estimate and turn-around time will be. I will respond to all quote requests within 3 – 5 business days.

    1) A "redesign" will address style changes only - for example, if you have a new logo or branding to incorporate. 2) A new website or rebuild goes deeper to address content and functionality needs, SEO, accessibility and other technical and performance issues.
  • If you currently have a website, please enter it here.
  • For example: Launching a product or service, tradeshow or event, company announcement or annual meeting...
  • Your budget will help me determine the scope of our work together - this is not a bid that either of us are committed to. Not sure how to guesstimate this? Use the next field to provide any pertinent project details we can discuss.
  • Any additional details about your project that will help inform our conversation are appreciated!
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