Calandra Center for Health and Wellness


A dynamic business needs a website that can keep up.

Originally built with a commercial theme in 2012, Calandra Center for Health and Wellness for was no longer just an acupuncture and reiki practice. They had been working on expanding their business model to highlight their educational offerings as well as incorporating additional practitioners and treatment modalities. Marketing and advertising had kept pace but the website had become increasingly difficult to use and adapt.

Eliminating Friction, Finding Balance

Eat Paint Studio worked closely with site administrators and the business owner to understand the very real pain points they were experiencing. We collaboratively inventoried the tools in use, existing and upcoming content needs, and mapped customer journeys for patients and students.

This preliminary work allowed us to build out a more functional framework that could scale to meet new business demands.

  • A completely refactored blog that includes dynamic filtering options for readers.
  • A revised approach to selling “event products” through WooCommerce that makes use of integrations with Zoom and MailChimp to provide better customer service and a smoother experience for site editors.
  • A thorough content inventory that provided us with a more user- and search-friendly site architecture. This new structure also enabled the use of breadcrumbs and more purposeful Search Engine Optimization techniques on a page by page basis.
  • Custom post types for Staff.