Project Overview

Holistic Connections website - various screen sizes

Holistic Connections was created in 2011 by Katie Oberlin, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner. The idea for the website is to become an “…integrative healing center where healthcare professionals and the people they serve join together to explore, collaborate, create, and support a holistic perspective for wellness.”

Home page

Built with a commercial theme in 2010, the website needed an upgrade. We developed a fully custom theme in 2022 to make better use of the new capabilities in WordPress core as well as updating the brand and logo.

Logo design

The logo is based on the Native American Zia symbol – “named for Zia Pueblo, who first used it, it is another symbol of the sun, and also of the four directions and the repetition of life on earth. Also may be associated with the place of emergence.”

Project Details

Launch date

2011, 2022


  • Design, logo design
  • WordPress Development
  • Copy editing
  • Image editing
  • Site migration to new host
  • Project management
  • MailChimp template


  • WordPress
  • CSS, PHP
  • Adobe / Affinity