Pasquesi Partners

Choosing to Redesign

The original site, built with a modified commercial theme in 2012, needed to be updated to take advantage of the new WordPress “Gutenberg” block editor. We also wanted to the content display to be more intentional and less dependent on plugins for visual style. Finally, because this website has such strong content, we wanted to be sure to preserve and improve their current local, organic search ranking.

Intuitive navigation and conscious content design

Over time, sites get messy. Ongoing content production, multiple editors and designers, changes in developers – it’s easy for the method to be usurped entirely by madness. Starting with an inventory of existing content, we were able to identify what was high-quality and worth maintaining. Plugins that had been added to force a design change were removed and replaced with custom theme functionality. Site search functionality was also added.

To help make this content-rich site easier to navigate, we streamlined categories, introduced a “mega-menu”, and added important parent and child page relationships to allow for breadcrumbs.