For Clients

Requesting updates to your site

If you have a WordPress site you can probably make most text updates on your own. If you need help or have a question please get in touch. Complimentary phone and email support is part of our ongoing service (with any WordPress maintenance agreement).

If you would prefer Eat Paint Studio to update your site, that’s not a problem. All updates and changes to your website must be submitted in writing. A desired date of completion is useful but not required. Turn-around time is about 2-7 business days depending on the extent of update and Eat Paint Studio workflow. An estimate and expected date of completion will be submitted to you after review of materials. Upon approval, work will begin.


  • All text for web must be submitted in a Word .DOC, a shared Google .DOC or in the body of your email. LABEL each section clearly with the TITLE of the page it should appear on.
  • All images must be submitted in a ZIPPED folder. Include an image list with desired placement if you have specific pages in mind. Learn how to zip files, for Windows and Mac on!
  • If your zipped image folder is more than 10MB than email is not be the best way to send your files. Use a FREE file transfer program like’s lite account. Easy, free and fast!

An invoice and email to REVIEW your update will be sent when completed. Payment is due upon receipt; 1-round of courtesy changes included to fix any loose ends or small text changes.

All images and text must be emailed to Emily at:

Design Changes

Eat Paint Studio is happy to work with you to make any design changes and to provide additional development as your business grows. Please request a quote and we’ll get back to you quickly with an estimate and turn-around time.

Maintenance Agreements

Please note that regular security updates to WordPress core and installed plugins are essential to the security and efficiency of your website. After the first 30-days of service, you may choose to have Eat Paint Studio monitor and maintain the security of your WordPress install and plugins. All plans include regular, manual upgrades as advised by WordPress and Plugin authors as well as monthly check-ups. Complimentary email and phone support is provided during your maintenance agreement. 

1. How do I update my own website?

There are now 2 equally good ways to update your website:

  • The New & Improved Way: Ask me about developing a site using the dynamic and responsive WordPress application! From your browser, you will be able to update and edit your own pages.
  • The Good Old-Fashioned Way: Email text (.doc or .txt) and image updates to me. Your updates are completed in approximately 3 – 7 days, depending on complexity and Eat Paint Studio work flow.

2. How do I get to #1 on Google?

I am glad you asked! I often write about search engine ranking and optimization, and specifically about “getting to #1 on Google”. You might also be interested in reading my Content Development 101 page (aka. Content Development is not Rocket Science).

3. What are your design rates?

A flat rate or an hourly rate will be determined by the scope of your project when you complete a quote request form.

  • Flat Rate: A flat project rate is quoted for long-range projects such as website design, book, or catalog design. These projects include many individual services and the rate quoted applies to the project as outlined in its accompanying proposal. Deletion of services will not affect the project quote. Actual hours may marginally exceed the estimated hours without incurring additional costs. It is important to note that changes after final approval, late payments or late delivery of content and feedback by the Client will result in additional fees (at the discretion of the designer).
  • Hourly Rate: Our hourly rate is $90/hour, with a 2-hour minimum for all small projects. Applied to single items like a business card design, signage, supplemental web and print services, technical or programming assistance.
  • We will provide an estimate for your approval before we begin work. For phased development project like website design, and web/print packages, we will assess your needs individually and present you with a comprehensive project proposal.

4. When will be awesome new website/print design/logo be ready?

Short-term projects are usually completed within 7 – 10 business days, depending on our current queue of work.

Projects like website development vary by site needs and the content development process. As part of our scoping and proposal process, we do research and create a project timeline.

Before we begin, we will go over your specific project needs (starting with the Request A Quote form) to develop a realistic and efficient project phase outline.