From Builder to Blocks: A Rebuild Experiment

The good thing about looking back at early work, and cringing, is seeing how much you’ve learned. I built the first website for the law firm of Despres, Schwartz, and Geoghegan, Ltd. around 2015. They needed a responsive website (migrating from a classic table layout) and WordPress seemed the right solution. I used my premium… Continue reading From Builder to Blocks: A Rebuild Experiment

A civic-minded redesign

In the Spring of 2022, the 40th Ward of Chicago announced a $100,000 Arts and Access Grant as part of Chicago’s micro-grant program aimed at enhancing local communities. 80% of funding would go towards Open Government grants, increasing access to government services, and 20% toward Cultural Programming to highlight the Ward’s burgeoning arts community that… Continue reading A civic-minded redesign

How I learned to love the web again

Reflections on my first “An Event Apart” conference. In every generation a Change-maker is born. She alone will stand against the forces of scope creep. She is the designer, developer, brand-builder, project manager, and client hand-holder. But actually, she’s not alone. The full-stack myth may persist but what truly makes the individual powerful is their… Continue reading How I learned to love the web again

Design is Communication

Good design is all about communication. The visual and the written content of your website work together – they complement, emphasize and reinforce your vision. When successful, good design becomes transparent. You don’t need a big red button to say “click here” if users can understand and navigate your content intuitively.

3 Things to Ask Your Logo Designer

As a freelance designer working with small and start-up companies I often work with clients who have established their brand but need to develop a web presence and additional print materials. This is where the original art for an existing logo becomes important.