Your Website is a Garden

Your website is nothing without your content. That folder of Word .doc’s and .jpg images you’ve been collecting is the raw material that will be transformed (through design magic) into an intuitive website that provides useful, actionable content to a rapt audience. In theory. Communicating your vision (and adhering to your desired project timeline) rests largely… Continue reading Your Website is a Garden

Getting to No. 1 on Google

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is like gambling; you bet your money on specific key-words or phrases to gain a higher ranking for searches that use those words. This may get you to the top of a page in the paid results for a particular phrase but the fact is that no one can promise you an organic #1 ranking on Google. The internet is dynamic with new sites and blogs constantly being added to its cyber-awesomeness.

Do I need a blog to be successful?

To Benefits of Blogging A blog is a versatile, free tool that can keep your web presence current, broaden your audience, and drive traffic to your website. Publishing content to your blog, rather than a third party social media site, has the added benefit of content ownership. Your blog also includes a Really Simple Syndication… Continue reading Do I need a blog to be successful?