From Builder to Blocks: A Rebuild Experiment

The good thing about looking back at early work, and cringing, is seeing how much you’ve learned. I built the first website for the law firm of Despres, Schwartz, and Geoghegan, Ltd. around 2015. They needed a responsive website (migrating from a classic table layout) and WordPress seemed the right solution. I used my premium… Continue reading From Builder to Blocks: A Rebuild Experiment

“Sendig,” Designing in Public

Designing for the Site Editor Flashback to September 2022. Full Site Editing (FSE), introduced in 2020, extended the visual design capabilities of the WordPress block editor allowing anyone, regardless of their coding knowledge, to build templates and template parts directly in the WordPress editor. Full Site Editing elicited many Feelings(™) from designers and developers using… Continue reading “Sendig,” Designing in Public

A civic-minded redesign

In the Spring of 2022, the 40th Ward of Chicago announced a $100,000 Arts and Access Grant as part of Chicago’s micro-grant program aimed at enhancing local communities. 80% of funding would go towards Open Government grants, increasing access to government services, and 20% toward Cultural Programming to highlight the Ward’s burgeoning arts community that… Continue reading A civic-minded redesign