Website Design + Development

I design and build custom websites using WordPress.

WordPress gives people and businesses ownership of their content. Don’t rely on The Facebook (or other walled gardens) to tell the world about what you do. Own your content and invest in a professional web presence.

Why WordPress?

If you rely on an online presence for your business, you should own your own content. If you want your content to be accessible to everyone, everywhere, you should host your own website (and own your own content). Social media and other free digital platforms are convenient but the downsides are:

  • It’s a walled garden. Not everyone has access to a social media account.
  • It’s proprietary. You don’t actually own your content and you can’t take it with you if the app/platform shuts down or changes their terms.
  • You don’t have control over your content. Publishing a social post claiming copyright ownership to your content doesn’t void the terms you agreed to when you joined a digital platform and gave away all rights to use and distribute said content.

WordPress is an open source application that is actively maintained by core contributors. This means it is more secure (see: actively maintained) and when you self-host the free WordPress application you own your content and your content is portable (can be downloaded, archived, or moved by you). In addition to being a dynamic blogging platform, WordPress has become a popular and robust Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress now powers 40% (give or take) of all sites on the internet superhighway. If you aren’t sure it can handle your traffic or other needs consider that Nasa, The White House, and Taylor Swift all have WordPress websites.

Design and Development

Design starts with your content.

A content-first approach allows us to work together to develop the connected content and well-structured site architecture that is the foundation for any successful web presence. Content is hard but we will work together to make this process manageable and productive.

Design and development may include:

  • Preliminary audit of existing website, content, and third party tools
  • Assessment of competitor sites in relation to your business goals and search performance
  • Design research where we gather information about your product / service, internal challenges, and customer needs
  • Content inventory and site map to inform our content strategy and architecture
  • User Experience design (UX)
  • Testing of designs / development sites to meet WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines

Design and development of your website is iterative. Your active participation makes this work meaningful and, ultimately, more successful.

Your participation in the project is crucial to its success! Make sure to allow time for yourself to review, approve, and generally get involved in all things content.

Collaboration (there is no “i” in team)

Maintainable and manageable

Having a brand new website is exciting! Now what? I also want to make sure you can use your tools confidently so training is part of development and ongoing, post-launch support.

Training included

Training and education are integrated into the design and development process. And, as an involved collaborator from the start, you’ll come to fully appreciate the dynamic possibilities of your web content.

Time and Money

How long will it take?

A typical website build requires a minimum of 6-8 months. This can vary, but I don’t have the capacity to turn-around projects in a few weeks.

How much will it cost?

That can vary depending on the project needs but most web design and development projects start at 10k.

Your website is a longterm investment and doing it right the first time will save you money. If you want FAST and CHEAP, you can not also have GOOD.

I’m happy to schedule a 20-minute call to help you determine your project budget. I can also refer you to another developer if I’m not the right fit for you.

Tell me about your project needs.