Website Design + Development

We design and build custom websites.

Building websites that are scalable, responsive, accessible and maintainable is our goal. How do we get there?

Design starts with your content. Before we look at colors and fonts, I like to make sure we know what we are building and who we are building it for. Understanding the needs and expectations of your customers is the foundation of your design problem. Solving these problems is challenging. It requires a team effort. Spreadsheets will be used. But, when it is all over, you will have a clear sense of your own content and audience and a maintainable, scalable website that works for people.

Aspects of design and development include:

  • Audit of existing website, content, and third party tools
  • Assessment of competitor sites in relation to your business goals and search performance
  • Design research: gathering information about your product / service, internal challenges, and customer needs
  • Content strategy development
  • User Experience design (UX)
  • Testing of designs / development sites to meet WCAG requirements

… and more. Websites are dynamic and development, like any project that is tasked with building for real life use, is a collaborative process.

WordPress is our platform of choice

WordPress is an open source application that is actively maintained by core contributors. WordPress, in addition to being a dynamic blogging platform, has become a popular and robust Content Management System (CMS). In fact, it’s now powering 40% of all websites. For people with websites, WordPress gives site owners autonomy from developers – with a little training to use the system, you have the power to update your own website from your favorite browser without the need to code. I primarily develop custom themes for the WordPress application and provide WordPress training and maintenance support.

That said, maybe you don’t need a blog or eCommerce. What we choose to build with will depend on your business goals, customer needs, budget and timeline.

Result: maintainable and manageable websites

Having a brand new website is great but we also want to make sure our site owners can use their tools confidently.

Training and education are integrated into the design and development process. We provide hand-on training and support as you learn. And, as an involved collaborator from the start, you’ll come to fully appreciate the dynamic possibilities of your web content.